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*posts story bit*
*runs away*

This is for Fab :-).

A Smaller Change

Bit One

"Well, that worked out okay."

Dust yawned as Andrew unlocked the door of the council house and pulled it open. "Pretty much, yeah. We even got here before three am in the morning."

Andrew sounded slightly amused. "A whole twelve minutes before. Yay."

"Okay, granted. Still no excuse for the place to be locked up and dark though. Have they all gone to bed already?"

Andrew turned on the lights. "More likely everyone's out killing evil things. This place is kind of like a hostel for itinerant slayers, remember."

"Killing things it is then. Hey, do'you think we can stay for a month or two before we start travelling again? I'd really like a holiday."

"Aren't we technically always on holiday?"

"Travelling doesn't always mean holiday! What about those cool Circus people? They're always travelling, and they're not on holiday."

Andrew pulled off his rucksack and dropped it onto a nearby desk. "Point. I don't know. I guess so. I mean, we have been pretty busy lately. I suppose having some downtime wouldn't hurt."


He walked behind the counter and rummaged through drawers for a room key. "Though if Dawn wants us to do something, I think it's only fair we help out, seeing as she's been so nice to us and all."

Dust grinned and walked up behind him. "That's fine. Just... rest time, y'know? Interesting as talking to weird creatures and de-summoning demons is, I can think of some stuff that we really need to catch up on."

Andrew frowned at the desk as it stubbornly refused to give up any key-like object. "Like wha..."

He trailed off as Dust pulled him around and into a breathtaking kiss. Andrew jerked slightly in surprise and then gave in and returned it avidly.

Pulling away slightly, Dust grinned wickedly. "How 'bout that?"

Andrew smiled back. "I can agree with that." He dipped in for another kiss. "And maybe a bit more."

"A bit more?"

His eyes glittered, and Dust shivered. "Maybe just a little bit. If I can get this desk to cough up a room key."

Dust leaned forward and looked at him challengingly. "Why wait?"

He blinked. "Here?"

"You said it yourself. Everyone's out killing things."

"Yeah, but... mmph!"

Dust sat back on the desk and pulled Andrew to him. He felt... daring. And damn, they did need this. This was just... just... wait a second, what?

He froze, and Andrew reluctantly pulled his lips away and stared into his eyes. "What's wrong?"

He stared fixedly over Andrew's shoulder and hissed in his ear. "There's... There's someone looking at us. They just came in the door."

Andrew sighed and bit his lip in frustration. "So much for avoiding voyeurs out here."

Dust was still staring. "I... I don't know. Do they still call it voyeurism when it's yourself?"

Andrew stared at him, and then slowly turned around.

Another Andrew and Dust stood by the council house's doorway staring at them. They looked... just a little bit disturbed.

He blinked at them. "Okay. So you are?"

The other version of him jumped and seemed to gather himself together. "I... sorry. I... we were actually..."

"We were wondering whether you could provide a little help", the other Dust supplied.

His Dust looked completely confused. "Who are you?"

The other Andrew flashed an awkward smile. "Umm, okay, this is probably going to sound weird, but we're from a parallel dimension. Um. We need to... There's a ..."

"There's a talisman. That we need to get recharged by a witch. Then we can go on our way and you can get on with your... I mean, with the..."

"That... thing that you were doing with... and the tongues..."

"Ummm... yes. Right." They looked about as awkward as it was possible to look under the circumstances.

His Dust was now looking wildly curious, which was about right really. "You're from another dimension? Is it heaps different from ours?"

The other Andrew looked a little pained. "Oh, I think I can safely say that there are a few important differences."

Andrew stood up properly and straightened himself up. "We'll contact Dawn. There're a few witches on call here, but she'll need to talk to them first. If you guys just want to wait in the foyer?"

They looked suspiciously grateful to not have to continue the conversation. "That'd be fine!"


"Okay, that was just plain disturbing." Dust sat on the foyer's couch and shook his head.

Andrew nodded glumly. "But it's not like we should be surprised or anything. I mean, that's what parallel universes are! All the possibilities available..."

"Oh come on. Like you're so calm and cool."

"It was a just a kiss. It might not even be... I mean, it could just be a friendly kiss."

Dust gave him a look. "A friendly kiss? You were practically eating my face!"

"A very friendly kiss?"

"For heaven's sake..."

"And why are we reacting like this anyway? We've seen plenty of weirder versions of me than this! What about the pirate version with the peg-leg!?"

"Yeah, well that was just surreal. Whereas this is all... it's almost the same as our universe except for the fact that..."

"We're shagging like horny monkeys?"

"Hang on, you go from 'friendly kiss' to 'horny monkeys'?

Andrew shrugged philosophically. "I accept things very quickly."

Dust sighed and leaned back into the couch. "This is so weird."

"I cannot deny it."

"How long do you think we're going to be here?"

"Not that long, I guess. If things are organised like they are in our universe..."

Dust closed his eyes and sunk into the couch. "I'm beginning to miss our universe," he said. "This dimension jumping really twists your head around after a while.

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